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The Pearl of Great Price:
Selling All We Have to Follow Our Passion

Feel Alone?  Feel Abandoned?  Afraid to follow your feelings and dreams?  Well, imagine the life of a young girl in a blue-collar New England family, excelling in school, imagining God as a cold, distant, high school principal, and starting on the road to alcoholism at the age of thirteen.  A difficult personal journey that also leads to adult alcoholic blackouts, sexual promiscuity, a law degree, personal dreams not pursued, marriage and then divorce.  Then a dramatic turnaround because she decided to face her fears, embrace her calling, and pursue her dream of being a writer.

St. Denis and St. Margaret Mary Parishes of Westwood are proud to announce that Ms. Heather King, author, Magnificat columnist, and commentator for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered will lead our March 1, 2 and 3, 2015 Parish Retreat at 7:00pm each evening at St. Margaret Mary, 845 High Street, Westwood, MA.

In her first two memoirs, Parched and Redeemed, King wrote about two decades of “squandering my talents, sleeping around, smoking cigarettes, and swilling Sea Breezes at 8 a.m. in Sullivan's Tap in Boston”, a difficult and unlikely path to converting to Catholicism.  But she found Christ, embraced sobriety and did what she thought she was “supposed” to do, be a lawyer.  “Of course this must be my path,” she remembers thinking.  “I’m smart and driven, I have a law degree, this must be God’s will.”

The epiphany: Fear of failing, fear of becoming a bag lady if she abandoned a prestigious job, and personal doubt had created a false context for making vocational decisions.  “Doing what I thought I was supposed to do was misdirection; I needed to follow my passion.  I found Christ and I saw that the biggest sin of all would be to refuse the life-long call of my heart—to become a writer.”  King realized that she didn’t have to try harder to do what she thought was expected; she needed to resist her true calling less.

Heather King, an eloquent, charming and funny raconteuse, will share her journey and challenge us to free ourselves by confronting our own fears and listening—really listening—to that little voice inside us that is whispering our true calling.


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Sunday Morning: 8:00 & 10:30 AM

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