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Jesus calls us to a life of faith and service. Saint Denis Parish embraces the Gospel message and strives to live its meaning each day through liturgy, outreach, and support for all. We invite you to join us in the mission.




Please join us on Zoom for the Pentecost Sunday Liturgy on

May 31st at 10:30 AM

We will use the application Zoom, which can be accessed using your laptop computer, smart phone (iPhone or Android), or your tablet (iPad, Galaxy Note).  This software will allow people to fully participate in the Mass (respond to the prayers, etc.).

Please download from www.zoom.us the free Zoom App on the laptop, tablet or smart phone that you will use.  Please try to do this prior to Sunday.

To join the celebration of Mass, click on the link below at least 5 minutes prior to the start of Mass.


Meeting ID: 811 1995 9623
When you join the online session, enable both computer audio and video to be able to fully participate in the Mass (see other parishioners, respond the prayers, etc.).

Alternatively, you can simply listen to the service by dialing into the call using the phone number
1-646-558-8656 and then using the meeting ID # 811 1995 9623  when prompted.


Church Reopening Update

On Sunday, June 7th at 10:30am, Parishioners are invited to participate in the Eucharist in the Church building. Participation is limited to 60 persons. Guidelines are posted on the website.  You must sign up on Sign Up Genius before you come. Click on the link below to sign up.

Link will be available at the beginning of each week

Entrance is only through the center front door. Accessibility for the physically challenged is through the back side entrance on the Dedham Parking Lot side.

If you do not have access to the internet, please reserve your spot by calling the rectory at 781-326-5858.

As part of the guidelines for reopening, you must wear a mask and we ask that you bring your own hand sanitizer please.

Also, If you have any of the following symptoms, please refrain from coming to the church

See the source image


Archdiocese of Boston Reopening Guidelines

Who should come to Mass?

The dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation will continue for the foreseeable future.

Cardinal Seán strongly encourages people in vulnerable populations, especially the elderly and those with complicating physical conditions, to continue to watch Mass from their homes, on their parish’s social media or on CatholicTV.

Parishes need to have a way of limiting the number of people who come into the church. A viable option may be to make use of a registration package like SignUpGenius or EventBrite. Signing up by phone or email should also be an option. To view these options, please download Managing the Attendance Requirement.

No matter what option a parish chooses, the pastor must be able to ensure that the size of the congregation in the church is not more than 40% of capacity and not more than the church can fit with social distancing maintained.

If a parish learns that a person who has come to Mass has tested positive for COVID-19, it must notify the Local Board of Health (LBOH) in the city or town in which the church is located and assist the LBOH as reasonably requested to trace likely contacts and advise contacts to isolate and self-quarantine.

Every parish is encouraged to continue the streaming of their Masses, in order to maintain a relationship with those who are not yet ready to return to Mass.

What guidelines do parishioners need to observe while in church?

If parishioners can bring their own bottle of hand sanitizer to the church, they should. Otherwise, they can use sanitizer provided by the parish and positioned at the entry to the church.

All members of the congregation need to wear masks, with a few exceptions:

  • Children under the age of two should not wear masks.
  • Parents should judge for children between the ages of two and five whether they should wear a mask.
  • All people who claim an exemption because of health can forego wearing a mask. They do not have to provide documentation.
  • The priest and others with him in the sanctuary do not need to wear masks in the sanctuary as long as strict socially distancing is maintained. They do have to wear masks when assisting with the distribution of Holy Communion.

With reasonable exceptions allowed, there should be no public access to the sacristy while the church is open.

There will be no social gatherings either before or after Mass.


What do we need to do during the Mass to keep it safe?

There should be no processions at the Masses, including no offertory processions.

There should be no altar servers.

Choirs will not be allowed.

Congregational singing will not be allowed in these early days. Fully respectful of the very important role that music plays in our liturgies, and also respectful of the public health concerns, the congregation should be instructed not to sing, either by announcement or by signs. There can be a cantor and an instrumentalist, who would provide music during the Mass (perhaps limited to the psalm, the Mass parts, and a song at Communion).

Masses can have a priest, a deacon, a lector, an instrumentalist, a cantor, and whatever volunteers are necessary to ensure the safe flow of people. If there are to be two communion stations (only in a large church), an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist could be used if there is no deacon.

Any priest, deacon, lector, or volunteer who has a respiratory infection of any kind should not attend Mass.

In the sanctuary, the priest, the deacon, and the lector must respect strict social distancing. They should not wear masks in the sanctuary.

There must be no passing of the basket for the offertory. Instead, a basket could be present at the main entrance and people could put their offering into it on their own. Parishes should promote the use of “90-Days Now for your Parish” as a way of helping parishioners to get started with online giving or use their local online giving solution if that is already set up.

During the consecration, hosts to be distributed should be placed on a second corporal to the side, so that they are not directly in front of the priest.

There should be no holding of hands during the Our Father.

There should be no invitation to participate in a sign of peace.

For the distribution of Holy Communion:

  • There will be either one or two communion stations, depending on the size of the Church.
  • It should be announced that parishioners may well decide not to receive Holy Communion if they feel the risk is too high, and that decision will be honored and respected.
  • There will be no distribution of the Precious Blood.
  • The communicants and the priest will wear masks.
  • Neither the priest nor the communicants should wear gloves during the distribution of Holy Communion.
  • Congregants who are not coming forward to receive Holy Communion or a blessing should still get out of their pews at the beginning, so that no one will have to climb over anyone else.
  • The priest will have a table next to him with hand sanitizer.
  • The priest will hold the consecrated host over the communicants’ outstretched hands and drop the host into their hands without touching their hands.
  • Communicants will receive the consecrated host in their hands, step to the side, lower their mask, consume the host, replace their mask, and return to their pew.
  • In the case of unintentional contact, the priest will sanitize his own hands immediately.
  • If the priest himself is a member of a vulnerable population, a deacon or a trained lay minister should distribute communion.
  • The people should return to their pews by a different route, to avoid contact with approaching people.
  • There will be tape on the floor to show where to stand as a communicant approaches to receive communion. There also will be tape on the floor to show where to stand to demask and consume the host, and arrows showing how to return to the pews.
  • There should be a couple of minutes after Communion for silent prayer, before the final prayer and dismissal.

Participants at Mass would be encouraged to leave the church within a couple of minutes of the end of the Mass so as to allow for time for cleaning the church before the next Mass. Row by row exiting, directed by the trained volunteers, is encouraged.

If a Parish cannot offer Mass safely, following these guidelines and all of the checkboxes on the State document, they should not offer Mass.

The Vicars Forane will have regular conversations with the Pastors and will report regularly to the Vicar General with regard to compliance.





As we are going through these trying times of Mass suspensions because of social distancing with the Coronavirus pandemic, now is the time to sign up for online giving. Please carefully consider making your weekly parish donations online, so that the Parish can continue to operate without interruption. Thank you.

This helps our parish by creating a steady income and helping with budgeting. You have many options in setting up your donation schedule and it is easily changed if necessary. For more information, please click on the link below. 


Mass Times

Weekend Schedule:
Saturday: 4:30 PM
Sunday Morning: 8:00 & 10:30 AM

Weekday Schedule:
Mon.,Tues. - 8:00 AM
Wed. - 9:00 AM


  • Sun, May 24th





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