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November 10, 2013 Reflection

Posted by Charlie Dean on 11/21/13

The theme of suffering and redemption go hand in hand in Christian theology. Good Friday leads to Easter Sunday. Death to sinfulness leads to Christ’s invitation to the fullness of life. In the same way, Christ describes the end times being preceded by turmoil and trials. Whatever we may ... Read More »

October 27.2013 Reflection

Posted by judy goodwin on 11/05/13

In a culture that values independence and self- sufficiency, it can be hard to keep in mind our utter depend- ence on God’s grace in our lives. God gives us life, and in- vites us to live it to the fullest by loving and serving those around us. All ... Read More »

November 3, 2013 Reflection

Posted by judy goodwin on 11/05/13

One of the most poignant details in the story of Zaccheus is the moment his newfound joy at welcoming the Lord to his house is possibly jeopardized by the judgmental grumbling of the crowd. We can imagine his panic, fearing perhaps that when Jesus hears the grumbling he will ... Read More »