Dec. 28 2014 Reflection

Today's celebration of the Feast of the Holy Family highlights the importance of family in our religious life. We know that Mary and Joseph's faithfulness to God enabled them to cooperate in God's plan for our salvation by accepting the responsibility to raise God's Son, Jesus. From his parents, Jesus learned how to be a faithful believer in his Jewish tradition. Simeon's prophecy about Mary's sorrow alerts us to the importance of a family's commitment to one another, a commitment that is expressed in both good times and bad. Gather as a family and recall times when your family showed its commitment to one another in good times and in bad. Recall times when your immediate family was supported by members of your extended family. Note that today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family, and we see in the family of Jesus an example for our own family life. Read together today's Gospel, Luke 2:22-40. Joseph and Mary expressed their faithfulness to God through their observance of the Law of Moses. Simeon prophesied the grief that Mary would experience at the foot of Jesus' cross. One of the blessings of family life is our commitment to one another, sharing good times and supporting one another through difficult times. Conclude in prayer together thanking God for the grace expressed in your family's commitment to another. Write a prayer together, thanking God for your family life and asking God to strengthen your family's commitment to one another. Pray this prayer together. (Loyola Press, Sunday Connection)