February 16, 2014 Reflection

There is nothing simple about the Ten Commandments and
yet in everyday simple actions, without full consciousness,
we may each break one. Jesus’ words today are strong. He
came to teach a new way of living, to not just know the law,
but to fully live the law as it was meant to be lived. We are
to be examples for others to uphold the law, thus making it
easier for our neighbors to comply. Yet, when we fall, we
must be aware of that nature and quickly and consciously
do something about our misgivings. At Mass every Sunday,
we offer a sign of peace. If the person you need to forgive is
not present, call that person to mind so that your heart will
soften and you will be able to forgive. Consciously cleanse
your body of all things that pull you from God. Be purpose-
ful in your words, thoughts, actions, and reactions. For all
you say and do is meant to be guided by the Spirit dwelling
in you. In this way, you can allow your “yes” to mean yes
and your “no” to mean no, because God makes the choice
with you, not against you.