February 23, 2014 Reflection

Have you ever heard today’s Scripture quoted when you
experience something unjust? The outer layer of words,
“turn the other cheek” (see Matthew 5:39): “When some-
one strikes you on (your) right cheek, turn the other one to
him as well”, seems to say that we shouldn’t fight back and
allow the person hurting us to have easy access to be
wounded again. Yet, Jesus is not saying we should allow
someone to walk all over us. He is saying that we need to be
conscious of what is worthy of our efforts and time and to
be the same person in all situations. Who gets underneath
your skin? How can you turn your cheek and do the oppo-
site of their actions to them, being kind when they are
cruel? Is it possible to be the hospitable person at all times,
to everyone you meet? Consistency matters and allows your
light to remain bright.