February 9, 2014

Rituals are momentous reminders of the transformations
completed and paths still to come. In today’s Gospel, the
ritual of presentation, in which Jesus is fully given his
name, happens and his identity is fully recognized by the
wise prophet, Simeon and prophetess, Anna. Both had
waited their whole lives to have God’s promises fulfilled.
They seemed to hold a sacred space and gave due blessing
in the ritual of presenting Jesus to his Jewish faith. Who
knows your identity so fully that they present your life and
richness back to you; or remind you of your true self when
you have forgotten? Gift each of them with some form of
thanks this week, similarly, which young child in your life
can you choose to unceasingly pray for to grow into their
identity in God? Start a quiet journey with/for them. Fi-
nally, Anna fasted day and night and gave constant glory to
God while she awaited the birth of Jesus. What depth can
you lay claim to that keeps you rooted in your knowledge of