January 12, 2014 Reflection

Pastoral Reflection

The human psyche is similar for all people, even if we

don’t want to believe in our shared reality. We all desire

approval and need love from our parent(s). Today’s

Gospel speaks of the most beautiful relationship

that is desired in our hearts. If you are a parent, be

this same kind of bold, embracing, and affirming parent

to your child. Purposely seek out opportunities (or

times) to tell your child that you are well pleased with

them . If you never received this kind of attention from God.

your parent(s), living or deceased, name all the gifts

and traits they gave to you to be this blessed creation

of God’s. You are loved deeply and God is well

pleased. Are you well pleased with yourself? Focus on

the innate gifts you have been given as a chosen child  with God.