January 5, 2014 Reflection

Pastoral Reflection

Today’s Gospel uses the word homage many times and

yet it is not a word or concept we use very often in current

time. What does “to pay homage” mean to you?

To whom would you pay homage and how would you

choose to do this? In our lives we each have a guiding

light (person, concept, idea, goal) that helps us move

forward. Be conscious of what star you have chosen to

follow and if it is not worthy of being paid homage to,

search diligently for a more affirming star. Another

word, “prostrated” is used even less often and is rich

in meaning. The wise ones prostrated themselves before

Jesus and his parents. Their journey satisfied,

they laid their lives before the Holy One. Kneeling is

but one prayer posture to submit ourselves humbly to God.