March 16, 2014 Reflection

While today’s marvelous experience is all about Jesus’s
identity, how can it relate to your life? Jesus’s face shone
like the sun. When do you allow God’s presence to glow
fully with you so that you glow in Christ? The disciples
were in awe and a cloud cast a shadow upon them. When
have you experienced God’s love and were so dumbfounded
that you couldn’t fully receive the gift and the intensity of
the light was then reduced? God speaks to all and speaks
easily with Jesus. A conversation necessitates that one party
speaks and another party listens. Do you allow time to lis-
ten to God? For in the listening you will then be like the
disciples, receiving the power of God, and will fall pros-
trate to worship. Glow with God this week. Listen to God in
prayer. Even if you cannot hear what you want, create a
personal form of praise to God - through writing, song, na-
ture, or acknowledging God working through another per-