March 23, 2014 Reflection

The richness of today’s account of the Gospel truly takes
volumes to unpack in imagery and intention. Place yourself
in the shoes of the woman, for we each have a past we want
to hide and yet God knows everything about us. The world
shuns the sinful, and yet the least among us are the ones
who fully “get God’s mercy” usually quicker than the
“profoundly religious”. Reach outside of your circle of in-
fluence this week and have a conversation or meal with
someone you might usually overlook. Be conscious of how
you are seen by others, how God sees you, and how you see
yourself. If you were to look into the water of the well,
would your image be refreshing to others? Ask God for the
“water” you need to be fully you; and once you are re-
freshed in God’s nourishment, be this person of vibrant grace
at all times.