March 30, 2014 Reflection

What is your greatest sense: sight, hearing, taste, smell, or
touch? Can you imagine going at least a day without the
ability to utilize what is innately you? Even if it is just for
one activity in your day, see if you can accomplish some-
thing that relies on each one of those senses without utiliz-
ing it. How do you smell roses, if you cannot smell? Or see
your loved one if you do not have eyesight? Simple mo-
ments are priceless, yet the man in today’s account of the
Gospel was branded sinful because he could not see,
shunned by his parents for speaking the truth of healing,
and also saved by a faith he was not taught, but claimed.
Speak the truth when it is not easy to do so. Stand for a
cause even without support. In doing so, you live today’s
account of the Gospel, trusting what cannot be seen, but is
made known.