March 9, 2014 Reflection

Temptations. The devil. Angels. These are words and con-
cepts that come with unique conversation depending on
who you are. Jesus was tempted today by the devil (a real
being) and, after defeating the evil one, was ministered to
by the angels (another true reality). What temptations in
your life need to be reduced to dust? The devil can take on
many forms. Are you aware of how evil can enter your life
and appear good? Walking in the light of God, fed only by
God’s Word and commands, we will not fall prey and can
rely upon the support of those walking with us. There are
“earthly angels” in the guise of friends to keep us walking
straight and God’s angels among us to guide our steps. In
these forty days of Lent, open your eyes to all that is influ-
encing you to be anything other than the perfect child of
God that you are called to be.