First Eucharist

For those scheduled  to receive First Eucharist in May 2020, the following options are available:

1. Saturday 4:30 or Sunday 10:30 mass- Join us for one of the regularly scheduled weekend masses. Since these are our regular masses, we can welcome 2 or 3 First Communicants at each one. Attendance would be restricted to immediate family only so that you can all sit together, but we can Zoom it for family and friends unable to attend- the 10:30 already is our Zoom mass and we can add the 4:30 if you wish.
2. Wednesday morning 9 am mass- This is our scheduled weekday mass. We would still be limited to 2 or 3 families at a time, but since attendance at these masses is lower than on the weekend we could welcome more guests, though they would be required to register ahead of time so that we can ensure we don't go over capacity. We can also Zoom it for those unable to attend.
3. Special weeknight mass- I know part of what makes First Communion special for the kids is celebrating with their friends, so if a small group of you want to come together one night for a First Communion mass we can do that! Attendance still would have to be limited, but we can Zoom it.
4. For those interested in keeping the original postponement dates of September 19th and 20th, only September 20th at 10:30 remains. The 20th is our regular parish Sunday mass, so the rules of option 1 apply.


When you have decided what you would like to do, please contact Matt Brady at 781-326-2335 so that we can start planning. Fr. Burke and I want all of you to feel safe and comfortable coming into the church, so there is no rush on setting something up- if you don't feel ready to do that yet, we are more than happy to wait until you feel comfortable doing so.